Beginner’s Guide To Car Magnets

Almost every company, whether it is a young business or a large enterprise, there are corporate vehicles. Sometimes it’s only a few cars used by employees, and sometimes – the whole fleet of different purposes, and the value of vehicles, the use of which as a vehicle, of course, contributes to the success of your business. Mostly, magnetic stickers are relevant during the interim shares (weddings, run an auto show, short-term campaigns, etc.) Unlike the adhesive films, the magnetic label can easily be moved from one side of the vehicle to the other side, or from one car to another, the same image can be used many times. ARC Marketing customized car magnets are some of the best as they are highly designed and uses good quality material

All about car magnets

Car MagnetsIt is a very convenient and inexpensive way to put the right information on any vehicle: a company logo, advertisement, sign taxi. Magnets on the car should be used during the time of promotions. They are easy to stick and easy to remove, leaving no trace (like magnetic souvenirs fridge). They can be used in different vehicles repeatedly.

Advantages of magnets on the vehicle

  • The ability to reuse
  • Ability to use the same labels on different vehicles
  • Rapid placement by car (it takes less than a minute)
  • Quick removal from the car (it takes a few seconds)
  • Harmlessness to the paint surface of the car
  • The shortest time of manufacture;
  • Vehicle protection from chipping and scratching.

What beginner need to know about car magnets

Beginner’s guide to car magnets includes several aspects. First of all, the motorist must know the conditions of storage and use of the magnet. Magnets are not afraid of water and snow or any other weather condition. With the right attachment, the magnet will never peel off even at the highest speed.

red Car MagnetsKeep the car magnets in the unfolded state, not break in two. You can not collapse into a tight roll for transportation. Do not leave the magnet on if parking for long in the sun. Also, do not wash down the dirt with high water jet against a car magnet to avoid damaging it. It must be remembered that the magnet can successfully adhere only slightly curved or flat surfaces.


The car magnets produced by reputable companies are the best and will not fade off even after using for long. Let the companies professional designers handle your work to ensure the intended impact.