How to Deal with an Accident If You are At-Fault

When a road accident happens, it is very common to see that no one claims to be at-fault. But as a good driver, you must know how to handle the situation in case you are the one causing the accident. And being the at-fault driver in a collision is not as easy as getting some repairs for the wronged party. Things can get complicated, and you can be at risk of serving your time in jail or paying a significant amount of fine if you do not proceed with the case carefully.

Therefore, take notes on the points written here!

Understand the Factors That Makes You an At-Fault Driver

First, the obvious factor here is whether or not you follow the traffic laws to the letter. The police will hold you responsible for whatever consequences happing during the accident if you break the law. Speeding, running a light, driving while on meds, or having unrepaired broken lights can all add up to be used against you.

Second, if your account of the story regarding the accident does not match the witness’ recall, police reports, or the adjuster’s evaluation, you will be in the unfavorable position. Therefore, it is crucial not to tell anyone but your lawyer about anything concerning the collision. In fact, you must also make sure that you speak only the truth to your lawyer. It is better to be held accountable for the mistakes that you really do than for the ones that you do not make.

Third, no matter how upset you are, you must now condone to violence. The aggressive side during a dispute like this will often be the losing one in the court. You must maintain your patience and do everything according to the procedure.

Consider a Mediation

a justice gavelIf you can approach the wronged party well, and if they are willing to cooperate too, you must consider resolving the dispute through mediation. This process results in settlements that appeal to both you and the aggrieved party. And it is supervised by a legal practitioner who acts as a mediator.

The main benefit of mediation is that it is fast since it does not require any courts, case investigation, or witness’ testimonies. Besides, not everyone can follow a legal proceeding because it can be arduous and slow. Therefore, say this fact to the aggrieved party so that they prefer mediation to a lawsuit.

Examine the Fault Determination Given By Your Insurer

car insuranceEven when you get the full coverage, you must stay watchful with the fault determination. And this is why collecting the pieces of evidence from the scene by yourself is highly recommended. You must give the facts to your insurance company from the beginning of the claim process. And you must keep all the copies of your evidence safely.

As a matter of fact, you can file a lawsuit against your insurer if you believe that the fault determination is unfair. However, consult a claim dispute lawyer when doing so.