Features of The Water Transfer Printing

Printing of images has evolved from ancient times. In time immemorial people used to draw images on objects and then paint them. With technology water immersed printing came in as an alternative to painting. The water transfer printing is fast becoming popular because of the fact that it is a cheaper alternative. Water transfer printing is a method of putting graphics on a three-dimensional object.



newspaper and glassesIn water transfer, design is fundamental in getting an image. The design here is influenced by color. Color trends are always changing with more complicated designs coming in. Firearms, automotive and buildings have different designs, and colors meant for each of them.

The color effects can either be abstract designs, metal designs, and others. For a good design color placement has to be done efficiently and effectually.When getting a good design, you should get expert advice on the color effects and what’s new in the market. There is also custom made designs that can be done to suits one’s interest.

DO It Yourself

Water transfer printing can be done with expertise or personally at home. To do it at home, you will need hydrographic films and the printing equipment..you will also need a printing method. A DIY water printing is fulfilling and less costly. It can be done on simple less complex parts of home décor. For intricate designs, training is needed to produce a masterpiece of design.

Hydrographic use

Higrgraphics is the art of putting a painting in 3d objects. It can be applied almost everywhere from home decoration to commercial use. The art is mostly used to enhance looks of objects. It can be used for other reasons such as to prevent rusting, but mostly beautification is the ultimate goal. In the world of today, water transfer printing is used far wide than it was ever used. Some of the applications are.

  • Aircraft interior design
  • Automotive painting.
  • Marine designs
  • Beautification and labeling of sporting goods
  • Architecture
  • Home décor.

Hydrographic kits

The hydrographic kits are what is used to put designs on an object. They include films and hydrographic kit. They are meant to give hobbyist an opportunity to learn something new in printing. The internet is also flooded with how-to tutorials for hydrographics. Being an expert in hydrographics, on the other hand, entails a lot of knowledge.


binderWhen performing water transfer printing, a lot of caution is taken. The foremost purpose is usually to beautify but also the object has to be protected. The performance of the object has to remain optimum even with the changes made.

Getting a good water transfer printing entails that one gets professional and experienced expertise. Hydrographics also requires that you keep up with trends in new designs are always coming out.